How Can Your Business Use Pokémon Go?

With Pokémon Go taking the world by storm and downloaded by nearly 50 million people on Android devices alone, you may be thinking to yourself, is it possible to utilise this game to increase revenue for my business? Well the answer is yes, and many already are.


If you’ve missed the recent headlines, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game that uses real world locations, visuals and maps to allow its users to capture and battle Pokémon. Certain real life landmarks and business are highlighted as special locations within the game, known as Pokéstops, were users can collect much needed items such as Pokéballs, potions, and more. Others are set as Gyms, were users can train and battle their Pokémon in order to take control of that area for their Team. It is these Pokéstops and Gyms that a business can utilise in order to increase traffic to their locations, and potentially increase their revenue with an influx of new Customers (and in increased dwell time).


Many business have started setting off Lure Modules at their closest Pokéstops. These are a special item that you assign to a Pokéstop which attracts Pokémon to that location for the next 30 mins. The influx of Customers for business who are doing this have been staggering, with many reporting a huge increase of revenue as a result. On Pokémon Go, you can purchase Lure Modules for $1.49 each through their in app store, which makes it a cheap option to try and attract new Customers to your location, or better yet, you could even incentivise your Customers to set off Lure Modules themselves. For business that have been setting off Lure Modules, many have also been running promotions during this time, giving away rewards and specials offers to which ever Customer captures the highest powered Pokémon. For business that have a Gym at their location rather than a Pokéstop, they have been running similar promotions as mentioned earlier, however instead of getting their Customers to capture Pokémon, they have been offering rewards and specials to Customers who have taken control of the Gym.



Pokémon Go can be downloaded here for Android or here for iOS, otherwise you can visit the Pokémon Go website here.


If you haven’t jumped on board the Pokémon Go band wagon yet, it might be a good time to try it out and see if you can attract new Customers to your business and increase your revenue. If you need any help in strategising on how to utilise Pokémon Go on Social Media so you can “catch ‘em all”, then speak to our good friends over at Social Standout. You can email them at [email protected], or visit