We can provide you with a cost effective, all in one Remote Management software package that would be perfect for any business.
Not only does it give you the ability to remotely manage your servers and workstations, but also includes an
Anti-Virus and Web Protection solution to make sure your company is protected against virus’ and malicious web sites.

One Stop Software Package to
Remotely Manage your Network



Make sure your Servers and PC’s are protected against the latest Virus’

Remote Access

We can setup remote access to your Servers and Workstations from anywhere in the world

Web Protection

Protect your PC’s against malicious web site’s, block access to unwanted content, and monitor your PC web site history and bandwidth

Server/PC Monitoring

We can monitor all your Servers and PC’s to make sure they are running correctly

Patch Management

Instal and manage updates remotly for Windows and other 3rd party applications

Email Alerts

Receive email alerts when something goes wrong with a server or workstation

Asset/Inventory Tracking

See what software and hardware is installed on each machine

Network Discovery

See what hardware is running on your network

Other Software Solutions

If an all in one solution isn't your thing, then check out our other offerings below.
Whatever you require to make your business more productive, we have you covered.
If you don’t see what you’re after listed below, then speak to us about what we can do for you.

Other Software Solutions to
keep your Business running


Webroot Antivirus

Need a fast and reliable Antivirus product that wont significantly slow down your computer, then Webroot is the product for you.

Office 365

If you’re after up to date, reliable and fully featured business emails or office applications, but only want to pay a small monthly fee, the speak to us today about what Office 365 can do for you.

Microsoft Office

Rather pay for your Office products upfront than with a monthly subscription? Then we have you covered for all your Microsoft Office license needs.

Microsoft Windows

We can assist you with all your Microsoft Licensing needs, including Windows Server and CAL licenses, along with Windows 10 licenses for your PC or Laptop.


We have the skills to put your IT Services on the right track,
providing you with the expertise and guidance to set your business up for the future.

Make sure your business is covered
in case anything goes wrong


Office 365 Migrations

We can help you migrate your business emails across to Microsoft Office 365

Hardware/Software Purchases

We can get you a good deal on any hardware or software purchases that your business needs

IT Management

Let us manage your IT infrastructure, including server and PC maintenance, upgrades, recommendations, best practice analysis, and onsite checks


Let us backup your important information and servers, so that any data can be recovered if anything should happen

Web Site Setup

We can set you up with a simple, yet effective website, to give you a strong online presence

Domain Registration

We can help you register a domain name for your business

Software Development

We can create simple programs for you to run your daily tasks, or provide communication between two different platforms

Project Work

We can help with any hardware or software installation needs, including server upgrades, workstation install and software updates


We can provide you with a number of different IT Support services and Training packages to cater for your needs and budget,
keeping your business running smoothly when something goes wrong, and your Team trained up to prevent any issues.

Let us handle all your
Support needs



If you have an urgent request, just give us a call at any time


Send us an email for any issues you have and we can help you out


We can provide a number of different training packages to get your team up to speed with the latest technologies