Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

Could these be the best Laptop/Tablet Hybrids on the market, and perfect your business needs?


As you all know, the business world is changing, no longer are we just sitting in our office stuck behind a computer screen, going about our day to day business. We are now constantly on the go, with our phone in our hands, trying to conduct business as we move.


The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are the ideal business companion. They can provide the right amount of power for the tasks you need, along with the portability and battery life required to make it hassle free to carry around with you. The docking station accessory then makes for the ideal use in the office, for those times when you just need to hook it up to that larger screen and use it with a keyboard and mouse. Both devises can then transform into a tablet to become the perfect all round device.


If you are interested in getting the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book for your business, then get in contact with us at Tech180 to assist you in setting them up.