Remote Management Software – Free 30 Day Trial

New to Tech180 is a cost effective, all in one Remote Management software package that is perfect for any business. Not only does it give you the ability to remotely manage your servers and workstations, it also includes an Anti-Virus and Web Protection solution to make sure your company is protected against viruses and malicious web sites.


This is an all in one product that, when installed on your servers or workstations, can provide the following functionality via its easy to use web interface:

  • Managed Anti-Virus solution, powered by Bitdefender
  • Web protection to block unsuitable web sites, protect against malware sites, and monitor your user’s bandwidth
  • Remote access so you can take control of your servers and workstations, powered by Team Viewer
  • Remote command line, process and service control for any machine
  • Daily and 24/7 checks to proactively show any issues with servers or workstations
  • Email alerts for any issues with your servers or workstations
  • Patch management control for Windows Update and 3rd party applications (e.g. Chrome, Adobe, etc.)
  • Detailed weekly and monthly reports for each server or workstation to delve into what is happening on your network
  • Asset and inventory tracking to see what software and hardware is installed on each server or workstation
  • Network discovery to see what hardware is running on your network
  • Automated maintenance and tasks, such as defrag and temp clean-up


Not only will this be a cost effective solution for your business, it will give you the peace of mind that your data safe and your machines are up to date and virus free, in order to minimise any potential network downtime for your company. Don’t get caught out when something goes wrong; get in contact with us today at [email protected] for a free 30 day trial, and keep your business running smoothly.