Need Help with Mailchimp?

Is your company using Mailchimp to send out emails to a user base, but you’re finding that some tasks are taking up a lot of your time, or that you wish something could be automated? Well then you’re in luck. Using the Mailchimp API, we can create you a Custom application that hooks directly into your Mailchimp database, to automate tasks or make it easier to perform certain functions.


MailChimp is a cost effective email marketing platform which gives you a number of easy options for designing and sending emails to a user base. We have worked with the Mailchimp API a few times in the past now to create custom applications for clients who use this as their email platform. If you are unsure what Mailchimp can do for you, then click on this link to find out more.


For one of these projects, our client wanted their Mailchimp database to be updated when new members singed up to their loyalty program, or when a members details were changed in their loyalty database. To achieve this, we had their loyalty program export a list of new and updated members daily. We then created a custom application that read in this data, and uploaded it directly into their Mailchimp database. We then had this application run on a schedule from their server, so no user input was required to have their Mailchimp database sync with their loyalty database.


Another project we completed was that our client wanted to make it easier for them to delete Members from their Mailchimp database. To do this we created the client a custom application were they could either enter in one email address, or upload a file containing a number of email addresses into the program. The application would then check if that email address was in their Mailchimp database, and if it was it would then delete it. This program ended up saving the client a lot of time and effort as it was an easier process then trying to delete Members from the Mailchimp portal.


If you or anyone you know uses Mailchimp, and would find it useful to have certain tasks automated or made easier, then get in contact with us today to see what we can do for you. If you are not using Mailchimp, but have other systems or programs that might benefit from a similar custom application, then get in touch with us to see what is possible.