Is Your IT Security Up To Scratch?

You may have heard recently about the influx of new ransomware viruses that are affecting business all around the world, or that a companies leaked data has cost them thousands of dollars in damages. No matter your business size, you could be affected if you have not taken the necessary precautions to make sure your business and its data is secure.


Simple questions, such as some of the ones listed below, can mean the difference between having a secure environment or being prone to issues.

  • Are all my User passwords complex, and not written down or stored anywhere?
  • Who knows the Administrator password, and is it unique?
  • Do all my Machines and Servers run an up to date Anti-Virus software?
  • Are all my Servers backed up, and can I restore some data from a backup?
  • Are all my Users educated to not open attachments from unknown sources?


If you are unsure about how to protect your network and data, then let us help you. We can come into your business and conduct a security audit of your systems, providing you with a list of potential issues that need to be resolved. We can then work with you, to make sure these issues are fixed up, and you’re network secure.


In today’s market, IT security is more important than ever, so don’t get caught out because you’re systems are not protected as best they can be. Get in contact with us today.