Have You Upgraded to Windows 10 Yet?

When Microsoft announce the launch of Windows 10, they didn’t want another Windows XP scenario, where a lot of people are still using an Operating System that is no longer supported or patched with the latest security updates. To try and get as many people as possible over to their latest and greatest OS, they decided to offer a free upgrade for users running Windows 7 or later (this does not include enterprise users). This tactic has worked very well for them so far, with Windows 10 now overtaking Windows 8/8.1 as being more widely used.


Since then Microsoft has announced that it will start automatically downloaded Windows 10 to user’s computers, making it easier for them to upgrade when they are ready. As it stands now, Windows 10 is only showing as an “Optional” upgrade when you run your Windows Update, but pretty soon this will change to a “Recommended” update. Microsoft’s ideal plan is for every user to upgrade to their latest Operating System (which would indeed make it easier for Software Developers and Security Professionals) and are trying to make the process as simple as possible for everyone.


If your Business hasn’t upgraded to Windows 10, get in contact with us at Tech180 today. We will test and assess your current software to ensure it will run on Windows 10, then provide a rollout plan to upgrade all your company’s PCs.